SEO - Pumped Storage Plant

About the Pumped Storage Plant

On 29th May 1951, the Société Electrique de l'Our S.A. (SEO), was formed upon the initiative of the government of Luxembourg.

In addition to the exploitation of the pumed storage plant in Vianden, the group SEO exploits different run of river plants an wind farms.

The surplus energy thus available during off-peak hours is used to pump water from a lower reservoir to an elevated storage basin. This water is released during peak hours to produce high-value current. The Vianden powerstation is connected to the german power grid and represents an important link in the western European interconnected network. The first scheme of nine 100.000 kW sets comprises three main works:

  • the upper reservoir consisting of two artificial basins
  • the lower reservoir was created in the Our valley by the erection of a gravity dam up-stream from Vianden al the place called “Lohmühle";
  • the underground power house

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The shaft power plant machine 10, and machine 11 - newly built in 2014 - each with a 200 MW pump-turbine, are also part of the Vianden pumped storage power plant.

With a total output of 1300 MW in turbine mode and 1040 MW in pump mode, the Vianden pumped storage power plant is one of the most powerful power plants in the world.