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Welcome to the Luxembourg Ardennes

Dear Guest,

Wherever you come from, we invite you to spend some pleasant moments in the Ardennes, to relax and recharge your batteries. Sincere and authentic, the Luxembourg Ardennes offer many different recreational opportunities. A real ocean of greenery and a temple of nature, this region invigorates your senses and refreshes your spirit. Whether you opt for a walk through the forests, a bike trip, a family excursion or a tour oft he region's magnificent castles, the Luxembourg Ardennes will enchant you.

(Re) Discover the simplicity of this region rich in tradition and heritage, and let yourself get carried away by ist numerous stories and legends. Meet the locals who are proud of their heritage and their traditions and who will gladly share their know-how with you. We are happy to welcome you in our beautiful region!

The Luxembourg Ardennes… Naturally yours!

Natural Park Our

The Natural Park of Our is located in the Ardennes, in the northern part of Luxembourg, in the „Dreiländereck“(3 Countries-Corner) Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. On an area of 420 km² and with about 21,000 inhabitants, 8 municipalities (before the municipal fusions 2011: 11 municipalities) have joined forces to balance nature conservation and the economic development of the region.

The border region along the Our is an ideal holiday destination for hiking, nature and culture lovers. In a narrow space, the natural park offers an impressive landscape variety. The nature park of Our is marked by the extensive elevation and the narrow, romantic fissures of the valleys, which the rivers Our and Klerf have dug into the slate with their lateral streams. In the wetlands of the highlands and the remote areas of the valleys, valuable habitats have been preserved for many threatened plant and bird species.