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With the help of the SEO (owner of the building), the municipalities of Pütscheid and Keppeshausen, the German-Luxembourg Natural Park and the Natural Park Our the Syndicat d'Initiative established an information center in the former Zollhaus(Customs House) at the Borderbridge Stolzembourg-Keppeshausen, which is open daily for the visitors of the Ourvalley.

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Comité 2021

Zanter Fernand President
Richartz Albert Vice President
Kettmann Romain Secretary
Rausch Camille Member
Lieners Aloyse Member
Barthel Raymond Cashier
Biewer Edouard Member
Clement Marina Member
Jacobs Nico Representative of Pütscheid
Kartheiser Nico Member
Kettmann Marc Member
Thomas Bernard Member
Unkelhäusser Christophe Member
Zanter Roger Member
Mauer Alain Cash auditor
Feller Paul Cash auditor