Odo Sonoritas 18 november 2022

Stolzembourg, a small romantic village in the Ourtal, celebrated on 18 November 2014 for the first time the feast of St. Odo.

Saint Odo (878 - 942) was the second abbot in the monastery of Cluny and is the protector of the musicians, as well as the church of Stolzembourg. The Benedictine monk composed antiphonal songs, for example to honor St. Martin, and also published some music-theoretic writings.

Gregorian singing and contemporary electronic music or free improvisation, does that fit together?

The Odo concept is to preserve the old and create new ones. A musical dialogue is to be created, whereby curiosity, knowledge and joy are intermingled.

Both music styles contain mystical, bizarre but also well-sounding and harmonious sounds and may provide new musical experiences. A musical bridge is built where old and new music can be heard in a church.