Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic, the Syndicat d’Initiative Stolzebuerg regrets to inform you that the copper mine will unfortunately remain closed this year. All guided tours are canceled. We cannot adhere to the prescribed sanitary rules or the principle of "social distancing". We hope to see you again in the 2021 season. Stay healthy!


The ”Ourdallpromenade” Vianden - Stolzemburg

In the context of the construction of the new machine 11, and on the initiative of SEO, the municipalities of Pütscheid and Vianden, together with the SEO, realized the creation of a close to the shore cycling and hiking route along the bottom basin of the pumped storage power plant between Vianden and Stolzembourg. The purpose of this new infrastructure is the further development of the existing recreational and leisure facilities of this section of the Ourtal as well as the promotion of gentle mobility between the localities of Stolzembourg, Bivels, Vianden and Bettel.

The partners of the project are, besides the municipalities mentioned above, the Nature Parks of Our and Südeifel. The project is also based on the support of the Ponts et Chaussées and the forestry administration. The planned central, continuous walkway makes it possible to upgrade the existing hiking trails, ad-venture routes and other interesting facilities such as exhibitions, museums, historical buildings and squares.